Holistic Management Solution for Educational Institutions 

Edu.ERP is comprehensive management solution for educational institutions   covering all aspects of their operation including learning management system (LMS), Campus Management system (CMS) and Institutional Enterprise Resourse Planning (ERP). Each module is self contained in its functional components and can be deployed at used independently. While the overall solution is highly modular, it works as a single integral entity encompassing  all functional activities. 

Edu.ERP has a unique structure to manage diverse nature of institutions from purely online to hybrid to purely physical due to highly customizable, modular and configurable. By virtue of continuously supporting the transition phase, Edu.ERP is considered as highly suitable for educational institutions transforming pure physical to online virtual mode of operations.  

Content Development

Development of customized course content in multilingual multimedia formats for innovative online learning methodologies such as gamification, AI, skill development oriented and adaptive assessment.

Contemporary Technology

Iqracity LMS is a comprehensive, innovative and intuitive learning platform packed with vast collection of features using contemporary technologies for simultaneous physical and online learning environments.

Self & Cloud Hosting

Iqracity LMS is ready for multi-site self-hosting, public or private cloud hosting in fail-safe environment with full technical maintenance, business continuity and up-gradation support.


Both operational and technical support services are provided for smooth adoption, deployment and continuous system maintenance through trainers, learners and staff training and 24/7 active help desk and technical support service.

iqracity LMS

Learning Management System (LMS)

iqracity LMS is a comprehensive learning platform for all in classroom are related activates outside the classroom.  Generally it includes record keeping of academic activities, interactions, collaboration, assessment, reporting, analyses and certification in a totally paperless environment.  This LMS provides a highly personalized environment to all stakeholders including students, teachers and institutional management. by virtue of deep customizable, the LMS is appropriately configurable for learning activities by education institutions, professional training institutions, business enterprise, certification agencies, testing services or individual teachers. 

iqracity LMS provides high degree of communication, interaction and collaboration in learning environment independent of operating system, internet browser, mobile,/ desktop devices and communication media.  the LMS uses on temporary technology in a cloud hosted environment to offer global reach in “always available” state. iqracity  LMS includes state of the art interactive online classroom, proacted exam system, virtual programing labs and mobile apps (both android and iOS). all in all this platform is considered to be highly flexible for adopting in divers applications. 

iqracity CMS

Campus Management System

iqracity CMS is institutional management system for education institution including schools, colleges,  universities and professional training center as a companion platform to iqracity LMS

This CMS covers all non academic management activities pertaining to physical campus infrastructure and related business activities such as accounts, administration, hostels, transport, medical services, staff recruitment, human resource etc. In spite of being and independent platform it has been integrated with iqracity LMS and iqracity ERP for overlapping functions and features.