iqracity LMS

Learning Management System (LMS)

iqracity LMS is a comprehensive learning platform for all in classroom are related activates outside the classroom.  Generally it includes record keeping of academic activities, interactions, collaboration, assessment, reporting, analyses and certification in a totally paperless environment.  This LMS provides a highly personalized environment to all stakeholders including students, teachers and institutional management. by virtue of deep customizable, the LMS is appropriately configurable for learning activities by education institutions, professional training institutions, business enterprise, certification agencies, testing services or individual teachers. 

iqracity LMS provides high degree of communication, interaction and collaboration in learning environment independent of operating system, internet browser, mobile,/ desktop devices and communication media.  the LMS uses on temporary technology in a cloud hosted environment to offer global reach in “always available” state. iqracity  LMS includes state of the art interactive online classroom, proacted exam system, virtual programing labs and mobile apps (both android and iOS). all in all this platform is considered to be highly flexible for adopting in divers applications. 

The perfect LMS for everyone

For University

Campus streamlines and automates LMS in one stroke. Our LMS software is designed specifically for all kinds of small and large universities and colleges.

For Enterprise

Training courses delegates adequate learning and engagement tools to enable then absorb course content and practice new skills in a clear and enjoyable manner.

For School

Now easily manage your school’s learning activities remotely. Send emergency notices, Students progress & much more.

For Academy

Manage your academy’s online training with very little effort, from a single platform and without the need for installation or technical knowledge.

Discover the salient features of our LMS

Customize your LMS platform

  • Include your company logo or branding
  • Display your corporate colours
  • Use your domain to access the campus
  • Manage notifications from your own email address

Create your online courses in just a few minutes

  • Upload all types of content: video, audio, tests and much more.
  • Or create them from scratch with the intuitive and easy-to-use web editor
  • Easily duplicate and re-use your courses
  • Platform for creating SCORM-compliant online courses

Display content intuitively

  • Your learners will enjoy dynamic and visual learning
  • Choose the order, deadlines and criteria for the completion of the course

Dynamize & interact with learners

  • Communicate with the usual tools: chat, forum, messaging or videoconference integration, among other things.
  • Motivate them to keep on learning
  • Solve their doubts on the online elearning platform

Monitor the progress of your learners and evaluate them

  • Activate follow-up alerts
  • Record their progress, download reports and analyse the course
  • Evaluate your learners
  • Automatically create and send certificates
  • Conduct quality surveys of your learners

Manage and centralize your training without depending on others

  • Cloud-hosted e-learning platform
  • Integrate with your website, ecommerce, HR system, etc.
  • Adaptable to the number of learners you have
  • Enroll and archive learners individually or en masse
  • Controls permissions and access to contents
  • Valid for synchronous or asynchronous training

Pay only for the students you have

Hire the e-learning platform with no upfront costs and pay only for the learners who use it each month.

And when you want to leave, you do it freely, without paying anything and without surprises.


Admissions and program registration
Course enrollment
Calendars, messages and notifications
Course participation and evaluation
Online Access to Attendance
Library Reservation details
Access to Fee Vouchers
Progress Report
Electronic Transcripts
Instant Messaging about events.

Faculty ​

Course management
Attendance management
Library access
Rapid attendance taking
Electronic grade book for assignments
Progress report
Direct communication with Parents.
Minimal Data Entry
Great time saver with maximum utility


Admissions and program registration
Calendars, messages and notifications
Compliance, security and reports
Course enrollment
Examination scheduling and management
Fee statements
Term set-up, course catalog and timetables
Comprehensive Student Information
Student & Faculty Reports
Overall Student 360 degree Information


Real time student information
Attendance record
Report card and transcripts
Notification if student is absent in school
Notification when grades are available
One click Student’s Academic Progress

iqracity LMS at a glance

Operational 24/7
Process automation
Integrated e-mail
Diverse contents / Scorm
Security in the cloud
Video Conference
Activities, tests and exams
Without installation
Create, import, duplicate courses
Immediate start-up
Immediate start-up
Mass actions with learners
Reporting and monitoring
Debate forum
Follow-up alerts
Course enrolment automation (API)
Bulletin Board
Configurable access and permissions
Support team
Mass enrolment
Surveys / Questionnaires
Virtual Campus / Virtual Classroom
Continuous improvements
Adaptable to companies and training centers
Synchronous / asynchronous training

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