[Urdu/Hindi/اردو] - AWS - 04 - VPC - 02

10 XP
Practical demonstration of:
* public and private subnets,
* reserved IP addresses,
* custom route tables,
* security groups,
* NAT gateway

At around 00:56:00 minute mark, I tried to connect to the DB server using "mysql -h db-server-private-ip", which said that it could not connect to the mysql server. I (in my sleepy mind) thought that I had already started mysql service on the db server, and the message is actually from the db server. The error was actually from the mysql client on the web server which could not actually any find any mysql service on port 3306 on the db server. I thought (in my sleepy mind) that this is expected behavior and I am actually able to reach the mysql service on the db server and perhaps there was just a user/pass problem in mysql configuration. At 1:07:00, I realized my mistake ( partially) :(
My apologies, as I was extremely tired, I had not slept the entire night so I was a little dis-oriented.
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1. Which commad is used to access private DB server on jumpbox?