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Iqracity® is an innovative online learning platform dedicated to high  quality education and professional training with a mission to enlighten everyone with contemporary knowledge especially for people with less access to traditional education but no matter where they are located around the globe.

It is a web-based platform for creating, delivering, and analyzing online courses. Iqracity educational platform empowers learners and instructors and enables online campuses, instructor-led courses and self-paced courses in a single platform. The platform optimally utilizes state-of-the-art information technologies to deliver its content both interactively as well as on-demand videos and textual form in the most user friendly way.

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iqracity LMS

To provide an innovation online learning management platform for unified hybrid (both physical and virtual) learning environment from school to university education and professional level trainings using contemporary information technology. The LMS includes record keeping of all academic activities, interactions, collaboration, assessments, reporting, analysis & certifications.

What We Offer


Customer institutional requirement analysis and designing of compatible customized LMS system.


Iqracity LMS is a comprehensive, innovative and intuitive learning platform packed with vast collection of features using contemporary technologies for simultaneous physical and online learning environments.


Iqracity LMS is ready for multi-site self-hosting, public or private cloud hosting in fail-safe environment with full technical maintenance, business continuity and up-gradation support. 


Both operational and technical support services are provide for smooth adoption, deployment and continuous system maintenance through trainers, learners and staff training and 24/7 active help desk and technical support service. 

iqracity Virtual Classroom

Iqracity virtual classroom is a professional solution for teaching students online. Taking virtual classes, it lets you create your own class or conference rooms to host interactive live teaching or meeting sessions, or join other learning activities using short and convenient links. It provides real-time sharing of audio, video, slides, chat and links. You can create your own Classroom or Conference rooms and engage students through sharing of emoji icons, polling, and breakout rooms.

Open Education Forum

Open Educational Forum (OEF) is dedicated to the promotion of affordable education both at the schools, O & A levels. College, University and professional levels. OEF strives to provide educational support resources in the form of lecture notes, lecture videos, solution manuals, and other learning material FREE of Cost & presented in mobile device apps format to supplement institutional formal education.


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